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The next time you decide to push black pepper to the darkest corner of your shelf, think again. Often referred to as 'The King of Spices', black pepper has been a staple ingredient in numerous cuisines for thousands of years. It belongs to the Piperaceae family and is processed in various ways to yield various forms of pepper. The cooked and dried unripe fruit is called black pepper, the dried and unripe fruit is green pepper, and the seeds of the ripened fruit of the plant are white pepper.  While pepper originated in South India, it is presently grown in...

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dried jackfruit recipes -

If you've never tried any of the dried jackfruit recipes, this is the perfect start! Try this simple, yet very tasty and healthy dish at home and leave your comments.

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The word “organic” has turned out to be a buzzword that’s usually associated with “being better”. A recent survey conducted in 2016 suggests that some consumers buy organic food believing it's better for the environment while the larger part does so for health-related reasons. Thanks to this, the organic food industry is currently booming and it is expected to grow even larger in the near future.  But the question remains, why exactly is going organic a smarter choice for the environment and our health? The answer depends on who you ask and which studies you refer to. Nevertheless, if you...

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Cancer and obesity are among the top health issues in the present world. Hence finding natural resources to avoid the harmful side effects of medications becomes more important than ever now. Natural alternatives are common these days, but the one that stands out is jackfruit. The humongous fruit is becoming increasingly popular these days thanks to the research and studies proving the fruit's magical effects on one's health.  Jackfruit means many things to many people, especially to Indians, depending on where they grew up. Some people consider it a nut, some fruit, and other vegetable or vegan meat, or merely...

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Though we all crave for a dose of sweetness once in a while, the accompanying fear of ill-health always make us think twice. In fact, most experts recommend avoiding the usage of sugar as much possible because of its adverse effects on health. But, you don’t have to completely deprive yourself of sweets when there is a healthier alternative you can try – jaggery.  Jaggery is a natural sweetener extracted from palm or sugarcane sap which is an excellent source of sucrose. Golden brown in colour, it has a distinct taste unlike the plain sweetness of sugar. Jaggery is typically...

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