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About Printhstana Foods

The idea of Printhstana Foods was born when our pregnant friend got a  craving for Non-Veg pickles and we ended up making it for her (as she could not find satisfactory food items in the market). Then her husband referred us to his friends and slowly our products became popular among our friends circle. It was then the idea struck us - Why don't we sell the traditional food that we have been making since generations at home! So we started with the homemade Non-Veg Pickles and slowly moved on to other categories. 

Being blessed with roots from Kerala and Kanyakumari (both places are rich with a variety of vegetation and other natural food like honey etc) we decided to get what we could not make at home ( honey, coffee powder etc..) from the most trusted Farmers. All of our products are pure and original. All the homemade food items are made from original and unadulterated ingredients. There are no preservatives in our products, so kids and adults can consume it alike. We don't prepare and stock up our products, instead we make it fresh and send it to our customers as per the orders. 

So, if you are looking for a place to buy food items at a cheap price then this is not the place for you. You can stop right here and go back. But if you are here looking for pure and original products of high quality then you are at the right place.

Taste our products once and you will end up coming to us for more..


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